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JST Precision began as a commercial enterprise in 2005. Founded by Carrol Gu, the company was focused on delivering precision engineering products and services to a number of multinational and indigenous manufacturers operating in Suzhou, China. Our company ethos was founded on partnership, engineering excellence and world class production methodologies. From the company's inception, JST recognized the value of working closely with clients in a "hands on" professional manner. At JST Precision, we recognize that in order to continue to satisfy customers' evolving requirements, we need to adhere to our 3 'I's of continuous Improvement, continuous Investment and continuous Innovation. In the spirit of pioneering customer satisfaction, a number of long term relationships were forged with several key customers. JST successfully builds customer trust which consequently reinforces our successful customer centric ethos and further enabled our company to innovate, invest, improve and grow.
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Precision Machining, CNC Machining, Machining Solutions, Machining Service, Medical Machining
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Kunshan JST Precision Co., Ltd
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